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About Me

About Me

My name is Arielle Spiller (pronounced R-E-L), and I’m thrilled to be your student’s teacher this year! We have an exciting adventure ahead of us as we collaborate with Mrs. Fuller’s class for our first grade journey!

Teaching has always been my dream. I’ve worked at Deer Park Elementary for the past five years (best school ever!) while completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from University of Houston Clear Lake and achieving my teaching certification.

On a personal note, I grew up in Montana (the most beautiful place on earth!). I married my high school sweetheart, Kenneth, in 2001, and following his graduation from college moved to the Houston area. We have the most amazing sons, Michael (15) and David (13). Our family is officially outnumbered by our pets; we have an assortment of rabbits and reptiles and a beloved dog named Chester. We also love to travel as a family! Some of our favorite trips have been a road trip cross country and spring break in Fredericksburg; we plan our trips around hiking and beautiful scenery!


  These are a Few of My Favorite Things 

Hobbies: Family time, church, traveling, music (I sing, play piano and bass guitar), reading, shopping, decorating, cooking, eating

Drink: Coffee or unsweet tea with raspberry from Sonic

Stores: Target, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Marshall’s

Scents: Baking and fall smells

Color: Dark purple and light turquoise

Treat: Cookies/muffins

Candy: Peanut butter M&Ms! Wellchocolate in general!

Restaurants: Chick Fil A, Sonic, Starbucks, Somethin’ Sweet